Does Intel NUC7 ( nuc7i7bnh ) works with Citrix XenServer 7.1 ?

Yesterday my Intel NUC7i7bnh arrived and is planed as replacement for my old virtualization server.

My old Server used my QNAP TS453a as storage via iscsi to store the VM, so i only Saved all my VM Metadata’s via XSconsole to the iscsi and shutdown the old Server.

The Intel NUC7i7bnh equipped with 1 M.2 Samsung Evo850 and 16GB GB DDR4 for starting.
After install Xenserver 7.1 via USB i noticed that everything except Wifi/BT4 is working out of the box.

I attached my iscsi SR from the Qnap and restored my VM Metadata’s from the Backup.

Surprise ! all VMs listed an boot up fine.

My Conclusion is:

The Intel NUC7i7bnh works great out of the box with the new XenServer 7.1 und performs great.


Work great with XenServer 7.2 and XenServer 7.3, but be careful Xenserver 7.3 removed some features like Live Migration 🙁